08 July, 2010

Welcome to the USSA

As we conclude the celibration of our nations birth all those years ago, one can't help but wonder what our Founding Fathers would be thinking of if they saw the socialist country that we have become.

It seems that the current administration (some would call it a regime) is hell-bent on punishing those of us who are willing to work hard and to be successful in favor of rewarding those who would be parasites on the American tax payer.

They are going to court to sue the state of Arizona over inforcing the imigration laws, yet not prosicuting the leader of the New Black Panthers who harassed white voters at poling places and advocated 'kill all the crackers'. (see here)

It's time to take a stand for America. It's time to say we've had enough. Several places have embraced the Capitalism that made this country great to get the message out. They have several items from t-shirts to bumper stickers and much more. Check it out at Products are made localy in Rochester, NY.