30 May, 2006

An open letter to active service men and women of the US Armed Forces. This was meant to be online for Memorial Day, but like many other Americans, I let other things distract me from the reason Monday was a holiday.

Dear Sir or Madam.

I want to join in with countless Americans and say “thank you”. Despite what you may hear on the CBS evening news, many Americans support you. You do the job that the rest of don’t have the stones to do.

I, for one respect you. You are grossly under-compensated. You put your life on the line every day for people that you will never meet.

You had your day on Monday. But one day is not enough. A parade is not enough. Another excuse for a picnic is not enough. It’s a good start, but not enough.

I am not going to pretend to know what you have gone through. I am grateful for the horrors you have seen. For all of those days you have marched in the burning desert sun, sweltering jungle heat, or frozen tundra.

My condolences to all the members of your squadron who will never come home, there are too many of them. You have not lost them in vein.

May God continue to watch over you.


A concerned citizen.

P.S. please pass this on to your friends and relatives of the Armed Forces both active, reserves, and retired, I want to get this out to as many soldiers as possible.