04 August, 2010

Whatever Happend to 'Of the People, By the Pople, and For the People'?

Regardless of where you stand on the issues, 3 stories in the news today should make you upset. They are examples of the government flat out ignoring the will of the people.

Neither is new. The first is back in the spotlight due to a referendum vote (prop C) in Missouri. It has to do with Obama-care. 73% of the people voted to reject the measure that forces people to carry insurance under the law. There is little doubt that similar results would be seen in other parts of the country.

Never has a government required a citizen to purchase a product as a condition of living. Some make the comparison to auto insurance, but they are not the same. If you don’t want to buy auto insurance, don’t buy a car. But under the Obama-care, we are forced to buy

The second has to do with Prop 8 in California. It seems that an activist judge knows better than the population. Prop 8 says that California defines marriage as only between a man and a woman. Nationwide, every time this has been put to a popular vote, the results were the same. Americans want to keep marriage in the traditional sense. 1 man and 1 woman. The way it has been since the beginning of time.

And before you say something about how we aren’t treating gays and lesbians fairly when it comes to marriage that just isn’t the case. No one is saying Elton John or Ellen DeGeneres can’t get married; Elton just can’t marry another man, and Ellen can’t marry another woman.

At the very least, the judge should have recused himself from the case. You see, the judge that decided that the will of the people meant nothing, is openly gay. Whether or not he could have legitimately gone into the case with an open mind and judge the case on its merits isn’t really the point. In a world where perception, more and more is reality, he should have stepped aside and let another judge hear the case.

The third is in Arizona. Why the Feds think it is a good idea to take Arizona to court to dispute a law that was only needed because they weren’t doing their job enforcing the already-on-the-books immigration laws. Poll after poll indicate that a vast majority of Americans support the Arizona law and support legal immigration.

Seems that, for liberals, the popular vote only counts when it gets Al Gore in the Whitehouse.

08 July, 2010

Welcome to the USSA

As we conclude the celibration of our nations birth all those years ago, one can't help but wonder what our Founding Fathers would be thinking of if they saw the socialist country that we have become.

It seems that the current administration (some would call it a regime) is hell-bent on punishing those of us who are willing to work hard and to be successful in favor of rewarding those who would be parasites on the American tax payer.

They are going to court to sue the state of Arizona over inforcing the imigration laws, yet not prosicuting the leader of the New Black Panthers who harassed white voters at poling places and advocated 'kill all the crackers'. (see here)

It's time to take a stand for America. It's time to say we've had enough. Several places have embraced the Capitalism that made this country great to get the message out. They have several items from t-shirts to bumper stickers and much more. Check it out at Products are made localy in Rochester, NY.