27 September, 2006

Well, it’s been a while since I posted anything new here.. I have no real excuses other than I’ve been lazy.

I think for today, I’m just going to write about the little things that stick out every now and then..

The other day, I went to the Buffalo Bills game. The company I work for is a large sponsor of the team, and as such, we (as a company) get a bunch of tickets.. including several to opening day, which was this past Sunday. This year, the festivities included a visit from the NY Jets.

For those who know me, I am slightly less a Bills fan than a Yankee fan. I’m not particularly a Jets fan, but I have nothing against them, so that is who I rooted for. A friend of mine wore a Curtis Martin jersey and drew several jeers as we walked to our seats. It was amusing to see how ignorant and just plain stupid some Bills fans can be. They kept saying things like “they don’t even play in NY, how can they be the NY Jets, they should be the Jersey Jets!” which always struck me as odd, (since I am a Giants fan, who lend out their stadium in East Rutherford, NJ to the Jets). You see.. the NY in the Giants and Jets does not refer to the state they play in, it is the metropolitan area that they play in. It is the NYC Giants/Jets, not the NY State Giants/Jets.

Oh, and last I checked, when I was at the game, I wasn’t in Buffalo.. I was in Orchard Park. Thanx for disproving your own argument for me.. but I guess if you were smart enough to figure it out, you probably wouldn’t use that argument..

BTW.. the jeers were less vocal after the game.. (Jets 28, Bills 20, Thanx for playing).

Staying on the sports theme, the hockey pre-season has started. The past couple of years, it has been difficult to be as much of a hockey fan as I would like.. Part of it stems from a lingering bitterness about the NHL being the only major sport to have an entire season canceled because billionaires and millionaires couldn’t figure out how to divide several hundreds of millions of dollars.. another part is that I lived in Sacramento for a few years. Sacramento is kind of a weird town, as far as sports go, it is pretty much the Kings and nothing else. There was less NHL coverage in Sacramento than NBA coverage in Rochester.

Will I be able to be close to the game this year? Only time will tell. A friend of mine convinced me to play in his fantasy hockey league this year.. that might force me into it.

As the summer comes to a close, another golf season is quickly closing. I have had a chance to play a couple of nice courses of late. I took part in a tournament at the Links at Ivy Ridge, and a regular round at the Batavia Country Club and Ravenwood Golf course. I recommend each course, and would rank them in this order: Ravenwood, Ivy Ridge and BCC. I would like to get down to Reservoir Creek, in Naples before the season ends, especially as the leaves are turning. If you want to get down there, and need someone to fill out your group, drop me a line.

I know I’ve not been as diligent with this page as I would like to be, but part is a lack of inspiration. If you have a topic you want my take on, feel free to drop me a line, and I’ll write something up. Your feedback on anything that I have written or anything you would like me to comment on will spark me to write more.