13 August, 2006

I read an article on-line the other day that made me think... It was about that whack-job Cindy Sheehan who has taken a personal crusade against the president. Everyone knows who this anti-American is, she is the one that bought a parcel of land near President Bush’s Crawford, TX ranch to hold continual protests about this war.

But that’s not what this is about... Just a bit of background that got me thinking...

She was in the news because she had just been released from the hospital from a self-inflected ailment. This article, by the way was on the Clinton News Network’s website (you know,

The poster child for ignorance was treated and released after suffering from exhaustion and dehydration stemming from not having eaten any solid food for reportedly 37 days and hanging out in the 100+ degree Texas sun. She was on a hunger strike called the “Troops Home Fast”.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a warmonger, but if we are going to do something, we should go large, or go home. Didn’t we learn anything from Vietnam or Korea? We should either go all in, or let the Middle East deal with their own problems. But again, I’m getting off topic..

The thing that sparked my interest as I read about this ignorant communist was the entire concept of the hunger strike. What do you hope to accomplish by not eating? Do you think that by you not eating, that I am going to change my way of doing things?

What is the incentive for me to change because you are stupid enough to not eat for over a month?

Can these hunger strikes be effective? Somehow I doubt it.. yet they keep being used. So as long as these hippy-freaks are wasting their time and energy on such effective methods of protest as hunger strikes and picketing, we will continue to run the country, after lunch, that is.