27 September, 2008

Here's a newsflash..

Attention Barack Obama, Eric Massa, Rick Dollinger and countless other Democrat candidates for various offices across the nation..

George W. Bush is not running for office in November.

You'd never know it by watching campaign commercials though.

I'm not here to tell these socialists how to run their campaign, but here's some free advice, you don't win by running against something, you win by running for something.

Didn't you learn that from Al Gore and John Kerry?

Maybe it's just me, but you aren't going to get my vote simply by telling me what the other guys said. That doesn't prove that you are better qualified for the position. Just because the other guy isn't right for the job, doesn't mean that you are.

Tell me why you are the better choice, not why the other guy is not the right choice.


Mom said...


mike "charlie" wildey said...

you are being awfully one sided though. your republicans are doing the exact same thing.

Matt W. said...

Editor's comment...

I'm not saying the RINOs running are doing any better.. but sometimes you just have to pick the lesser of 2 evils.. Do you want to take the bus to socialism, or the bullet train?

Remember, it took a Jimmy Carter to bring us a Ronald Regan.