04 June, 2008

It's Down to 2..

Or is it?

Barak Obama has announced that he has claimed enough delegates and super delegates (do they come with their own theme music and side kicks?) to secure the nomination of the Democrat party (not the Democratic party, that doesn't exist.. it's a process, not a party).

But it seems that her highness isn't ready to pack it in just yet.

Is she angeling for the VP? What about a Cabinet post, or even a spot on the Supreme Court?

It seems that she would be more benefited by being a part of the Obama administration, but will he, or, more importantly, the country suffer?

I think that if offered, she would take the understudy role on the Blue Ticket, but I don't think that he would be wise to keep her around.

On the other side of the aisle, the John McCain is starting the process of picking the other half of his ticket. I would like to see him pick Fred Thompson, or Mitt Romey. (I would have voted for Thompson in the primary if he was still running when NY voted. Instead, I voted for Romney.)

What are your thoughts? Who should be the VP nominations?

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