31 December, 2007

Happy 2008!

Another year is gone, and a new one is upon us. I wanted to take a few moments to look back at a year gone, and forward to the next.

What were some of the big news stories that happened this year? A few things stick out..

  • Barry Bonds at the pinnacle of the steroid era of baseball
  • The diaper wearing astronaut
  • The fires of So-Cal
  • The assassination of Bhutto
  • The K-Fed and Britney saga
  • 16-0 (and almost 0-16)
  • The writers strike
Whatever you will remember '07 for, whatever you are looking forward to in '08, it is what you make of it.

Here's to a great '08!

Leave comments with what you think is the biggest story of 07 and predictions for 08.

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