28 June, 2007

Why do we hate cops?

It seems that in this day and age, there is a growing disdain for our law enforcement officers, whether on the local level, or national.

Recently, there were 2 separate chases involving criminals and local police departments that ended in the death of one of the alleged criminals fleeing the authorities.

The first occurred on 15 May, 2007. Pam Chatman (a woman with 30+ aliases and a rap sheet "literately 20 feet long") was fleeing the police after shoplifting from the Grease Towne Mall, the other happened more recently. A passenger in the fleeing car was killed at the end of the pursuit. In the car, the Police found unregistered, loaded weapons and drugs.

On the national level, boarder guards are not being able to do their job. When they are threatened by drug smugglers and coyotes, and return fire, they are put in jail.

Why is it that when someone is arrested, we blame the cops? Why is it that when the person fleeing the police gets hurt in a chase, we immediately look to see if the cops were at fault? What ever happened to 'you do the crime, you do the time?'

Granted, there are some bad cops out there, but they are by far the exception, rather than the rule.

I don't really have an answer to this, I just thought I would throw this out and see what you had to say about it...

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Mom said...

I agree!! I have a friend who who spent ten years in Suadi arabia with her family. She was asked, "Weren't you scared over there?" Her reply was" we were more scared when we came home for visits. There is no crime over there, because whent there is, the criminals are punished and they all know it." Now I would not advocate that we adopt the Mid-Eastern policy of no respect for human life, however criminals in the USA do not have the fear and respect for law enforcemnet that they should--they are too well PROTECTED under the law rather than PROSECUTED!! And they know it.