09 October, 2006

With the first round of the playoffs complete, lets check in and see how I did..

I went 2 for 4. Picking both NL series, and missing both AL series.. (at least the winners..)

At this point, it looks like it is going to be tough to pick against the Tigers, although, who outside of the east bay saw the A's ripping through the Twins like they did? I'll pick the Tigers in 6 and the Mets in 5.

Should I pile on the Yankees like everyone else? Why beat a dead horse? Because it's fun! All the Yankee lovers out there who proclaimed the class of baseball could do no wrong. Well, I guess $213 million isn't the best way to win another championship.

Rumors are circling like vultures as to the fate of converted short stop Alex Rodriguez and manager Joe Torre, what should happen? I'm not Brian Cashman (ha! that's funny, like he has made a personnel decision in the past 5 years!). It would make sense to trade A-Rod, but who will take him, and his inflated contract? What will Torre do? Dare I say it? Will he end up in Beantown? Wouldn't that be the ultimate slap in the face to Yankee fans!

Anyway, World Series pick? (again, I reserve the right to re-pick after the LCS are complete) Mets over the Tigers, in 6, despite losing Floyd the other night.

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