08 February, 2006

A grave disservice was done.

It was a sad day when Dr. King’s widow passed last week. She received an honor that not even her late husband received, being laid in state in the Georgia Capitol building. In fact, no African-American let alone a woman African-American. But that’s not what this is about.

At her funeral, many dignitaries were present, and several spoke. Some used the occasion to spew biased left wing propaganda anti George W.

Former President Jimmy Carter (according to Homer Simpson, we elected the wrong Carter with a reference to Billy Beer) took pot-shots at the current Commander and Chief for a lack of rapid response in the wake of the devastating storm Katrina. His comments were inappropriate to say the least. Not that he doesn’t have the right have a different, (albeit misguided) opinion than the current President. This was hardly the place to voice such an opinion.

It gets worse.

The Reverend Joseph Lowery swung much lower. His comments included “We know there were no weapons of mass destruction, but we knew there were weapons of misdirection right here.”

It was a time to pay tribute to a civil rights crusader. To the memory of civil rights leaders of times past. A mark that was missed on multiple occasions, and an opportunity to do much good was tainted by misguided left wing whack jobs. It was hardly the time or place for such slander.


Anonymous said...

Amen to that!! I felt that thesse comments were a show of disrespect to Mrs. King. But as an aside, I have heard that she and the King's children have been commercializing and capitalizing the great legacy of Dr. King. A sad state of affairs on all sides.

Doug said...

Honoring someone at a funeral is about cherishing their legacy and enjoying the moments that made them special. I agree that when influential people, such as Mrs. King was, pass on that their celebration of life at a funeral is overlooked. This usurption of power by any pundit, politician or grandstander is dispicable. Although this is directed at the left, I would point out I'd feel this way if a right-wing politician exploited her death.